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Physical Therapy & Acupuncture

2 Convenient Locations – All Liens Accepted

2 Locations

To better serve our clients we have 2 locations equiped with top of the line machinery and the best physical therapists and acupunture practitioners anywhere in California.

Van Nuys

(818) 904-6700

6640 Van Nuys Blvd. #201 Van Nuys


(818) 240-7511

1220 S. Central Ave. #104

Physical Therapy Services in Glendale and Van Nuys.

People who are seeking relief from many conditions and ailments in the Glendale and Van Nuys areas will find comfort in the compassionate physical therapy and acupuncture services offered at Dynamic Physical Therapy. The ultimate goal of our business is to provide the highest-quality rehabilitation available by implementing up to date, effective knowledge, and techniques

All Liens Accepted

At Dynamic Physical Therapy, we recognize that some patients require treatment for personal injuries, car accidents, and work-related injuries on a lien basis. Being in this situation is stressful enough without having to live in pain and discomfort that your injury has caused. Our practice helps people in this position improve their quality of life and get back on the road to wellness, so they can lead their lives to the fullest. We accept all liens, so if you are suffering from pain or discomfort as a result of an accident.

Saturday Same day Appointments

We understand how important it is for our valued patients to get treated based on their needs and busy schedules. To meet the demands of our patients, Dynamic Physical Therapy keeps Saturday hours and has same day appointments available for patients that require urgent, same day care. If you need to get in today or schedule a Saturday appointment, we are here to accommodate you. Contact us to schedule a Same Day or Saturday appointment today!

Treatment for Orthopedic Injuries & Pain

If you are suffering from Orthopedic injuries like back sprain, neck spasm or shoulder strain, or you are recovering from a recent surgery for an ACL injury, a torn rotator cuff, carpal tunnel syndrome, or a herniated disc, it is key to start a physical therapy schedule to start the healing process as soon as possible. Dynamic Physical Therapy specializes in providing both education and effective treatments to patients so they may fully recover and take the necessary steps to prevent further or recurring orthopedic injuries. If you are currently living with pain awaiting an orthopedic surgery or you are recovering from a recent surgery, we are here to help you with the compassionate care you need to get on the path to wellness. Contact us today to inquire about our orthopedic Injury treatments.

"Hands on" Approach to Physical Therapy

When patients entrust us with their physical therapy needs, it is our duty to provide the best care possible to develop a plan of action to reduce pain, increase movement, prevent disability and restore function to affected areas of the body. We take the time to thoroughly examine each patient and establish a realistic course of treatment for best results. “Hands on” techniques that may be used during the course of treatment include massage, myofascial release, passive range of motion, joint manipulation, ultrasound therapy, and other approaches for pain relief and healing. Our physical therapy services can help provide relief for a wide-range of conditions so if you are living with pain or discomfort, Contact us to schedule a consultation today!

Cutting Edge Rehabilitation Equipment

In order to provide our patients with the best physical therapy experience possible, our offices have been completely renovated. As such, we invested in updating and upgrading our therapy equipment to the most modern and cutting-edge exercise equipment that is available on the market today. Since the most critical part of physical therapy is being “physical,” we felt that making first-rate exercise equipment available to our clients is key to their recovery and success. Contact us to schedule a tour of our facilities and see if our Physical Therapy practice is right for you!

Acupuncture Therapy Available

Dynamic Physical Therapy offers this holistic, traditional Chinese treatment that dates back 2,500 years. There are over 300 points on the body that can be tapped into to help alleviate pain and discomfort that is common with aging, health problems and injuries. It can be used to treat a multitude of symptoms including carpal tunnel disorders, general or localized pain, arthritis, back pain, anxiety, stress, and many other problematic health issues. If you are looking for a new Acupuncturist to improve your quality of life, Contact us to discuss our Acupuncture treatments and find out if they are right for you.

Why Choose Us

The professionals at Dynamic Physical Therapy care about the health and well-being of all of their patients. We are dedicated to our practice which was founded in 2000. We started as an outpatient Orthopedic Physical Therapy Provider in Van Nuys. Over the last 20 years we have been in business, we have consistently provided quality care and exceptional service to our valued patients. Our hard work has paid off not only professionally, but also personally. Every time we see a patient that has had significant improvement in their pain management, mobility, and range of motion, we have the personal satisfaction of knowing that we are doing our job right. Professionally, we have been able to consistently grow out our practice. Most recently, we made a major investment in our offices in Glendale and Panorama City, with office updates and new, state-of-the-art exercise equipment for our new and returning patients to use when they are undergoing Physical Therapy.

We Welcome New and Returning Patients

We are currently accepting new and returning patients at both our Glendale and Van Nuys offices. we are dedicated to the health and well-being of all of our patients, so when you rely on the services provided by us, you are always in good hands.

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Our Dedicated Professionals

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